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Welcome! I'd like to share my appreciation for the wonders of the Universe. As a child, I fell in love with the night sky, and started in astronomy at an early age. Having used telescopes ranging from 2" up to 8", I've also enjoyed peering through fellow astronomers' scopes, as large as 21".

I use a Celestron CPC800, an 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain scope, primarily for viewing Deep Space Objects (DSOs), but also use a 4" refractor for viewing the moon, planets and double stars.

I took some of these astrophotographs using a telescope/camera subscription service named SLOOH ( By renting time on their equipment, anyone can photograph the universe when it is convenient for them, and save the images to their own PC. Other images were made by myself using other telescopes and cameras. Now  I'm sharing my pictures with you.

David Mihalic (aka StarsAbove)